Featuring Women Writers on WWWB 2013

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Many thanks to all of you who have contributed, read, shared and commented. A special thanks to our sponsors, Qaisra Shahraz, Elaine Neil Orr,  Dr. Joan Steinau Lester, Alison Morton and our spring and summer intern Rachel Lewis.

2013 has been a marvelous year and we’re honored to have worked with so many amazing Women Writers on our site as well as on our Literary Journals, When Women Waken and Our Stories.

Featuring writers on WWWB 2013

The Story Behind the Story – Victoria King-Voreadi
Writing about Muslim Women Characters – Zvezdana Rashkovichers
Select Duty and Desire – A Tale of Modern India – Anju Gattani
Keyboard Calling – Nancy Wait
Writing a Gay Private Investigator – Liz Strange
Kickstarting “Vuto” with AJ Walkley: An Interview – AJ Walkley
Forty One Strange Years of Writing – Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Let Me Tell You Why I Write – Marianne Wheelaghan
Mother’s Day, Wikipedia, and Politics – Dr. Joan Steinau Lester
Poetry, a reflex, a knee-jerk – Molly Case
My Big Fake Immigrant Memoir – Aine Greaney
Writing as Escape: Bittersweet Heartache and Cancer – Temeka Williams
Writing in the Culinary Landscape of the Galilee – Abbie Rosner
Guests – Jasminka Griffin
Loving the Alien – Helen Grant
Nourishing the Self by Finding the Time to Write – Sarah Hackley
How Being Deaf Has Affected Me as a Writer – Tara Chevrestt
Why Do You Write? –  Rachel C. Lewis
The Verminous Hazards of Research – Beryl Kingston
Writing Blind, a Creative Force – Dr. Hannah Thompson
Writing with Aphasia – Amy Good
Making Up Words – Ebony McKenna
Writing as Compulsion – Jan Merry
Molluscs and Me, a Slow Process – Helen Howard
Creative Therapy – Cassie Kennedy
From I.T. to I.T. Girl – Fiona Pearse
Are you a Rabbit or a Mole when it comes to Writing? – Trish Nicholson
A Writer’s Journey – Sue Cross
Writer and Mother: How Children Can Help (and Not Hinder) the Creative Process – Rebecca Stonehill
The Writing and Publishing Process – Lynsey A. Richard
A Purple Crayon – Lora Hughes
I’m Not a Feminist, but… – Tracy Kuhn
Words on the Page as Kernels of Possibility: An interview with Belinda Pollard – Rachel C. Lewis
But Who will Want to Read it? – Judith Kinghorn
Writing with Dyslexia – Tamsin Jupp
How to Avoid Writer’s Arse – Talli Roland
Creativity in Pregnancy – Eleanor Fitzsimons
Outdoor Blogging – Robin Follette
When Life Starts to Resemble your Writing – Claire King
Poetry and the Art of Choosing Favorites – LL Barkat
Is there a right way to write? –  Scarlet Wilde
Women Vs Thrillers – Susi Holliday
Coping with Pain through Writing – February Grace
A day in the life of… Joanne Harris –  Joanne Harris
Writing Fiction, Building blocks – Paula Daly
The Great March of August 28, 1963 – Dr. Joan Steinau Lester
How Guernsey Evacuees Changed My Life, – Gillian Mawson
Alternative History…What if women were in charge? –  Alison Morton
You’re a Writer. Now Act Like One! – MM Finck
Whatever your Dreams – Roz Morris
Reviewing AJ Walkley’s Novel “Vuto” – Rachel C. Lewis
14 Words for Love: Write and Do Good – Jodi Barnes
A Day in the Life of…Nicola Morgan – Nicola Morgan
Interview with Isabel Allende – Barbara Bos
Researching Kipling and his Sister – Mary Hamer
A War to Write – Kristina James
Unforgettable Picture Books – Cerrie Burnell
The Silver Lining on the Bipolar Cloud – Charlotte Walker
How to Write YA When You Don’t Read YA – Kait Heacock
The Power Within – Louise Moulin
Chairs – Dr. Joan Steinau Lester
Learning to Fall – Elaine Neil Orr
Writing Guidelines? Pick Your Own! – Kate Long
Finding An Agent – Mel Sherratt
Malala, the Story – Viviana Mazza
Recipes of World War One – Juliet Greenwood
How Can I Get My Memoir Published – Sara Mansfield Taber
Memoir Writing: Can’t Find My Way Back Home – Ann Churcher
Inspirational Women Writers – Jan Merry
Handy Writing Tips – Julie Tetel Andresen
Impulsivity, Fear and Flash – Jodi Barnes
Literary Sex Change, Using a Male Pseudonym – Rosemary Friedman
Writing Advice…Past Tense or Present Tense? – Emma Darwin
Twitter Guidelines: How to be a Proper Writer on Twitter – Tracy Kuhn
Working with Agents and Editors – Lynn Shepherd
The Lost Boys: From Wattpad to 3 book Publishing Deal with Random House – Lily Carmine
Doris Lessing’s Little Known Poetry – C. Elizabeth Murray
Masquerading as Male in Crime Writing: A Pseudonym Story – Eve Seymour
Finding your Muse – Trisha Ashley
Writing by Ear – Shanan Haislip
Growing a Thick Skin – K. A. Laity
Age: a Writer’s Ally – Randy Kraft
Kenau Hasselaar: You never heard of her – CJ Underwood
Science in Fiction – Sanjida O’Connell
Is your writing Toxic? – Colleen McCarty
Multiculturalism and Writing – Berit Ellingsen
A Day in the Life of a Literary Agent – Katie Shea Boutillier
Why I don’t do Word Counts – Cath Staincliffe
How to Maximise Social Media Without Selling Out – Amrita Tripathi
Researching Burnt Norton – Caroline Sandon
Creativity and the Writing Process – Claire Burge
On mirror neurons and Schrödinger’s cat: Writing as exploration – Marialena Carr
4 Things You Must Know About Reaching Your Writing Goals –  Carol Fragale-Brill


Notes on Titles: American titles require capital letters on all significant words. European titles seem to require only a capital on the first word.


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  1. randy kraft says:

    What a fabulous anthology and fabulous women writers. Proud to he among you. Looking forward to the 2014 collection.

  2. Addendum : intentional spelling of “foreward ” (‘forward’ + ‘foreword’ to our writing:):)

  3. Thank you for co-ordinating our interaction and inspiring so many of us to move foreward:) and Barbara@chicaderock for the tweets!
    Good luck to all in 2014 and write, keep writing, rewriting… till you know you are done with one particular “story”!

  4. A formidable roll call, I am delighted and pleased to be among such company. I would have tweeted this to my followers but can see no ‘SHARE’ button to do so? May I suggest a New Years resolution? – share buttons on all your posts? Have a wonderful 2014.

  5. Prabha Salimath says:

    I’m very happy that I met women writer where women get her respect, recognation & confidence,,
    Thanks to 2013 & welcome to 2014 my journey with women writers will be started soon.
    I’m sad nowdays I can’t make it to get online more,, but days are fast I’ll be back soon women writers…

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